Where does the Journey go?

Of course, it is rather difficult to predict how many people will use your online services, or how your business will develop over the next one, two or three years. Hence, it is advisable to be prepared for (positive) surprises and have infrastructure in place, which can grow with your business requirements.

The Virtastic vCluster is a virtual cluster. It is independent from the underlying hardware. Its nodes are spread across any number of physical machines, but are not tied to them. As opposed to pure physical clusters, this enables you to:

  • Better saturate the Hardware and reduce Costs
  • Scale/Extend on Demand, without any Service Downtime
  • Fail-Over immediately due to physical and virtual Redundancy
  • Live-Migrate Nodes between physical servers
  • Replicate Nodes on-the-fly for Use within the same or other vClusters

Starting with a Four-Node vCluster costs you less than a comparable physical server, but enables all these features, which single servers cannot offer! Want to know more?

Service Summary

  • Short and long term Consulting, on Site in Greater London, remotely anywhere else
  • Hands-On Systems Administration of Linux and BSD Servers, regular Maintenance or On-Call / Incident Response
  • Bespoke physical and virtual Clusters, fail-safe and tailored to your Needs, based on Xen, VMWare, or Amazon EC2

Be Close to Your Customers

  • Data Centre Locations with direct Transit to LINX, DECIX, and all major European Carriers